Our Clients

We help financial organizations worldwide to achieve the technological excellence.

From the online lending companies to the payment solution providers, we serve FinTech companies of all kind. Our client-first attitude brought us partnership to many clients.

  • CC Loan Georgia, Georgia
  • Melivesa Holding Ltd, Cyprus
  • CC Loan UK, UK
  • CC Loan Ukraine, Ukraine
  • CC Continental City Capital Ltd, Cyprus
  • MFO Continental City Credit, Georgia
  • CC Loan Capital Financial Services S.A., Spain
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"PolyLoans It is the most valuable business resource we have in our arsenal. PolyLoans is both feature-rich and highly adaptable." - Laetitia Newman-Johnson
"PolyLoans is exactly what our business has been lacking. I will refer everyone I know." - Alexina Spanoulis
"We would be lost without PolyLoans. Support and dedication from the Fincue is invaluable." - Giorgi Aznaifarashvili