Our Services & Solutions

We are specialized in providing full range of IT services and solutions to the financial organizations.

We help our clients with IT consultations, analysis, concept and product development, project planning and software development, maintenance and 24/7 dedicated support.

We have created PolyLoans, a cloud-based loan management CRM platform, which supports whole business cycle, automates most of the processes, integrates to the third party services and brings powerful insights by analyzing the collected data.

Our Platform Can Support Financial Products of All Kind:Online and Offline, Short-Term and Long-Term, Payday, Personal or Business, Secured and Unsecured, etc...


Credit Scoring for Loan Approvals

Auto-Distribution of Loans to Underwriters

Automatic Transfers for Client Payouts

Auto-Communications with the Clients

Remarketing and Retargeting


Credit Bureaus

Banks and Payment Systems

Fraud, AML & Security Services

Verification Services

SMS, Phone and Communication Providers

Affiliate Marketing Networks